Gladiator Ball is a hard hitting funny Football themed game where you are pitted against gladiators and must run the ball to the end zone and kick the ball for a field goal.

Gladiators have a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and will learn your moves so it gets harder as you get better. You can grab a power up nutrition bar while you are running and that allows you to block and run through Gladiators.

This is an early beta release to get feedback and I will be adding team and player statistics, leader board, two player option and other features.

If you like the game and want to help me get it finished any donation is appreciated.

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Mouse or Touch controls.

Double tap to select your team logo and start your player running or kick the ball. You can use arrow keys to move player but double tap on player to start.

Save and Load are Blue and Yellow buttons on the scoreboard.

If you get stuck on the leader board just double click the yellow button.

If you want to choose a different team logo or restart double click on orange "Gladiator Ball !" logo on the scoreboard.

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